The Artist - Andre Kleynhans

Andre Kleynhans

I was born in South Africa. Throughout my childhood we moved from the northern parts of South Africa, eventually ending around the Cape coast. I showed from a very young age a love for capturing moments, always convincing my Father to hand me his Nikon camera so that I can take pictures while on vacations.

Fast forward a couple of years to where I eventually said good bye to planted feet in South Africa and I started my international journey, traveling to almost every continent around the globe.

For the last 10 years I have visited over 50 countries and captured in the range of 3000 sunsets. My love for the ocean has pushed my interest in photography towards seascapes and the beautiful sun setting and rising over the ocean.

Along my journey I met the Love of my life and together we have dug our roots firmly into Mexico. I am truly happy with all the beauty Mexico has to offer and continue to promote photography within Mexico and Mexico to the world.

Currently residing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I specialize in Fine Art Photography for Hotels and Resorts, Businesses, Private Collectors and Residential Estates.

If you are interested in private workshops feel free to contact me directly.


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